George Moss – Bio

George Moss is a Grand Rapids native that has been in church mostly all of his life. His Christian Hip-hop journey started in 1996 as a youth leader at his local church. In the year 2002, soon after graduating high school, George embarked on his first Christian rap tour, and toured regularly over the next three years.

In 2008 George released his first album. His second album was released in 2012. Although all of George has been doing music professionally for years, proclaiming the gospel to millions through his music, he says that he is not a musician. He calls himself a “musicianary”, as in a musician and a missionary. “I was not called to make fans, I was called to make disciples.”, says George. In 2014 he founded Oxen Apparel which he says is the heart of his ministry. Oxen Apparel is a clothing brand whose mission follows that of which Jesus gave to us, discipleship.

George got connected with Bridge Street Ministries early on, towards the start of the ministry. Regularly hosting a concert or lead worship, which he still does with them even today. George joined the BSM board, not because he had nothing else to do, but because he saw the passion that we have for discipleship, and saw that we wanted to go deeper into discipling the youth of our community.

George is passionate about biblical discipleship. Not just the surface level check-in once every now and then, but the deep, bible engaging, hard work discipleship. That passion ignited with a conviction to dedicate ten thousand hours into discipling his own children. George and his wife have 8 wonderful children. Through his non-profit organization, Oxen Team Network, he and his team will soon be hosting online discipleship seminars that will teach others how to effectively go out and make disciples.