GRBY is offered to anyone between the ages of 18-29 who has a high school or high-school equivalent diploma by the start date of the program.

Most of the speakers for Phase 1 are friends and partners of BSM who are highly qualified and well respected pastors, ministry leaders, and experts in their field. BSM staff will also teach some of the topics, mostly in Phase 3.

Students will be living in an apartment building owned by Bridge Street Ministries in the West Side of Grand Rapids, Michigan during Phase 1 and 3. Housing during Phase 2 will be specific to each phase location in coordination with our international ministry partners.  

We discourage students from having a car while enrolled in the GRBY largely due to the fact that limited parking is a major issue in our neighborhood. Street parking is the only option available for students and most of our neighbors. We encourage other forms of transportation such as bikes, longboards, roller blades, and shoes. We are about a 10 minute walk from downtown Grand Rapids.

We are currently working in Guatemala City and southeastern India. We hope to build new long-term relationships with global partners in the future as well.

GRBY is about 8 months long, and runs from early-September through the end of April.

Yes, there is a 2 day break for Thanksgiving, a 1-week break for Christmas, and a long weekend in March upon arriving from Phase 2.

GRBY will demand 50+ hours per week, so a second job really isn’t an option. This is an opportunity to take an 8 month season and set it apart to seek God through bible engagement, intentional community, rhythms of prayer, and urban ministry. 

There is an $8,300 fundraising goal for students in the program. After acceptance, students will receive training and resources for fundraising on behalf of the Bridge Street Ministries. All donations are tax deductible and students are allowed to contribute toward their own fundraising goals. There are three fundraising deadlines associated with the fundraising goal:
First Friday in June: $100
Friday before Labor Day: $3,300
Last Friday in October: $3,300
Last Day Before Christmas Break (late December): $1,600
Personal expenses for students include a passport (required to have in-hand by the start date of the program), visa (India only), immunizations and vaccinations (as recommended by the CDC, option to sign a release waiver), books, etc.

Email with questions and for additional information. 

Since fundraising is likely necessary to acquire funds, BSM has some resources, insights, and strategies available upon request that may help your fundraising be successful. Also, if you would like information about scholarships or other financial aid, contact us at 

Yes, we currently offer a limited number of students up to 50%  off of their fundraising goal for GRBY if they apply for and receive our Urban Scholarship. This scholarship is available to students who live in an urban area. Email for more details.

Not through the government. GRBY is not a state accredited institution, and therefore does not qualify for state funding. There are currently no other financial assistance programs available to students.

If you have any questions, please email