John D. Booy

John Booy graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Elementary Education, with majors in Psychology and Sociology, in 1974.
Following graduation, he began teaching for the Grand Rapids Public Schools at
Beckwith Elementary. He received his Master of Arts degree in Teaching from
Calvin College in 1981 and co-founded The Potter’s House School in the fall of
1981. Mr. Booy continued to teach at Beckwith Elementary while serving, for the
first few years, as the volunteer administrator for The Potter’s House. In 2002,
Mr. Booy left the GRPS to dedicate himself full time to The Potter's House,
working as administrator and superintendent.
In addition to his work at The Potter’s House, Mr. Booy continues to be active in
the community. He has been a resident of the Roosevelt Park neighborhood
since 1975, and he continues to be committed to the safety and betterment of the
neighborhood and school community. This commitment is evident in his service
on the boards of Grand River Preparatory High School; Bridge Street Ministries;
Christian Community Development Association; Roosevelt Park Ministries;
Imagine Foundation; the Housing Rehabilitation Board of Appeals for the City of
Grand Rapids; and the Hoboken Group, a network of leadership from urban
Christ-centered schools.
He is a frequent speaker on issues surrounding Christ-centered urban education
and diversity. His involvement and experience in these issues led him to deliver
testimony in front of the 1995 United States Senate Subcommittee on Children
and Families hearing on “Private Efforts to Reshape America.”
Mr. Booy is an active member of Mars Hill Bible Church. He is also the father of
two boys adopted from India and a proud grandfather to his grandson.