Tom DeVries

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tom DeVries has been affiliated with Bridge Street Ministries for the better part of 10 years now. In 2018 Tom retired from pastoring, after 17 years at Middleville Christian Reformed church. He started pastoring in 1978 under BSM’s own Adam Vanderwell’s grandfather Howard Vanderwell in Cutlerville. During his 40 years in ministry, Tom and his wife moved all over the world, living and pastoring in places like Papa New Guinea and Ohio. Tom was also a high school teacher for 3 years, which he has also retired from.

Next time you come into our space at 1034 Bridge Street, take a look at the wood tables in the café, Tom built those out of reclaimed wood from the renovation in 2020. He also built a large bar type table for our new north side youth center. Some of his hobbies include being a craftsman, building and flying remote-control planes, and tuning pianos. Tom is passionate about his family, Bridge Street Ministries (being a mentor and friend to Ryan over the years), and helping ministries with finances and structure. When asked why he joined the board, Tom said, “I’m passionate about the ministry, and I want to support as best I can.”.