Volunteer Highlight – AJ Wilson

AJ comes and volunteers with our Resurgence youth on Thursdays. He helps during labs, and he drives the van to drops our kids off after the program is finished. We asked AJ a few questions about volunteering at BSM.

Q. What are some things that you are passionate about?
A. Helping Build God’s Kingdom.

Q. Why did you choose to volunteer your time and energy at Bridge Street Ministries?
A. Jim Bartells and Joel Schaffer told me there was a need for volunteers.

Q. Where else have you volunteered?
A. Rest Haven Homes and Berean Baptist Church.

Q. What have been some of your most memorable moments so far?
A. It’s a little early for that since I just started, but I do enjoy watching the energy and excitement of the kids playing dodgeball.

Q. What are some ways that you’ve seen God move in your life?
A. God has worked to humble me as a person and see the needs of people around me.