Grand Rapids Immersion

Engaging Local Youth in Local Mission

Immersion exists to engage local youth in local mission. Each summer, youth groups and youth ministries from around West Michigan join our ministry for a week-long trip where they are immersed in biblical teaching, robust prayer rhythms, urban neighborhood engagement, and missional community.

The first 3 days are spent in the wilderness, strengthening relationships with God and each other. The rest of the week, students are immersed in the West Side of Grand Rapids, learning and serving. Scroll through the document below to learn more about how Immersion engages local youth in local mission.

For more information or to schedule an Immersion trip for your students, contact Marissa Walters.


Introducing Immersion Day Camps

We are excited to announce that Grand Rapids Immersion 2020 is happening this July! Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the trip is slightly condensed and modified to fit a day-camp model, but the heart and mission will remain the same. Join us and youth from around West Michigan in an urban neighborhood to build authentic community, learn more about God’s character, and join his mission of redemption in our city.

July 6-8 Middle School trip
July 13-16 High School trip
Outdoors at local parks and in urban neighborhoods

$85/person for Middle School
$100/person for High School

Due to a very recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Kent County, we are going to be exercising an extra degree of precaution during Grand Rapids Immersion 2020. We are committed to keeping our staff, volunteers, leaders, students, and parents healthy and safe to the best of our ability, and we are confident that these precautionary measures will promote an effective and safe experience for everyone involved in Grand Rapids Immersion this year. Please practice the following updated protocol:
  1. Students and staff are to take their temperature before arriving each morning. If it is 101.4 or higher, please stay home.
  2. All students, leaders, and staff must wear a mask or face shield at all times. (Masks may be removed when seated for a meal or when otherwise directed by the designated BSM staff person.) Students are asked to provide their own masks. BSM will have disposable masks and face shields available for those who don’t have one.
  3. Practice social distancing (6 feet) from others at all times. In addition, BSM strongly urges group leaders and students to maintain social distancing with non-family members when being transported to and from Immersion.
To see the full updated COVID-19 protocol for Grand Rapids Immersion 2020, see the attached document. Thank you for helping us make this a fruitful and safe event!
Covid-19 Response

EVERY DAY IT WAS LIKE I WAS HEARING SOMETHING BRAND NEW. Immersion was a new page of fearlessness with Christ for me, learning not to be afraid of making mistakes even if it means going way out of my comfort zone and trusting him with everything I’ve got. I loved how every day we were given the opportunity to put what we learned into action along with continually blessing the community around us that week. WE ARE LOVED. Easily the best week of my life.”

Immersion Student

MY DAUGHTER WAS NOTICEABLY A DIFFERENT PERSON AFTER SHE ATTENDED IMMERSION.  Although she was a believer in Christ, a good student, and had a good social life, she seemed down more often than up in her high school years.  Since Immersion I think the reverse is true.  Her daily activities have not changed that much but she deals with life in a much more positive and constructive way.  Something special happened at Immersion this past summer that lifted her up out of depression.  I thinks she still battles with depression now but the battle has become the Lord’s.  I’m so grateful to [the Immersion staff].  Their teaching of God’s holy word has changed a women for the better.  Depression was exchanged for Joy.  Real Joy that lasts an eternity.”

Father of an Immersion Student

THE FIRST THING THAT STUCK OUT TO ME FROM THIS TRIP WAS HOW WELL IT WAS PLANNED OUT. With starting the weekend off in the wilderness and getting the students out of their comfort zone, that was an essential and prayerful blessing to this trip. The rest of the schedule was a tremendous and well thought out time of devotions, teaching, prayer walking, worship, work projects, fun dinners, and relaxation to cap off a great week. The second thing that was so crucial to the week was seeing the lifestyle and community that is lived out in the BSHOP. This should help those who attended realize that following Jesus will be the greatest and most joyful cost of their life. The last thing that truly impacted our group this week was the BSHOP’s commitment to their neighborhood. Thank you so much for showing us what following Jesus looks like in your community.”

Youth Group Leader