Resurgence is an after-school tutoring and discipleship program we run in partnership with Westwood Middle School and Challenge Scholars. Here we focus on the academic, spiritual, and social development of our local middle school students. New Labs are offered with each marking period.

Engineering Lab

MONDAYS Mar 23 – May 18 | 3-5 PM

Design and build simple machines!
Learn to apply the engineering method.
Find solutions to real challenges in your community.

Bible Lab

TUESDAYS Mar 24 – May 19 | 3-5 PM

A safe place to explore your faith and ask questions. Learn to read and understand the Bible and what it means. Get your own personal Bible and journal!

Street Art Design

WEDNESDAYS Mar 25 – May 20 | 3-5 PM

Draw, paint, and color your own mural design. Inspire others with your art.
Be part of a real mural project
in the West Side!

Outdoor Survival Skills

THURSDAYS Mar 26 – May 21 | 3-5 PM

Explore outdoor survival skills
with Blandford Nature Center.
Learn outdoor survival basics,
shelter building, and more.

Resurgence Mentoring

FRIDAYS Mar 27 – May 22 | 3-5 PM

A safe place to develop and reach goals.
Students will gain
a mentor and a tutor
to help them academically and personally.

  • Get involved with Resurgence

Resurgence meets on Monday-Thursday afternoons from 3-5 pm. Our Resurgence volunteers commit to one or more afternoons a week for an entire school year. These volunteers help with homework, coordinate games and activities, and mentor and disciple students. Apply online or email for more information.